Windows Internals Fundamentals

Learn about Windows system architecture, processes, kernel mechanisms and memory management. These concepts will equip you with the foundation to build efficient, robust and secure applications.
First Batch: 15 Jan 2021  Duration: 6 weeks
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What's included?

  • Become a Windows Internals expert

Learn the inner workings of Windows from basic principles.
  • Bootcamp Completion Certificate

Get a course completion certificate on attending all 6 live sessions.
  • 6 Live Sessions

  • 2.5 hrs per session

What will you learn?

Learn about the architecture and mechanisms of the Windows operating system, including processes, threads, virtual memory, I/O and security. Dive into user-mode and kernel-mode mechanisms using various tools.

This 6-week bootcamp is designed for developers, researchers and Windows enthusiasts that want to understand how Windows works, its architecture and most important mechanisms.

Live Session Schedule

Weekly 2 hr 30 min sessions start at 10:00am ET and end at 12:30pm ET.
15 Jan 2021
22 Jan 2021
29 Jan 2021
05 Feb 2021
12 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021
System Architecture
Processes & Jobs
Kernel Mechanisms
Memory Management
I/O System


1. Basic acquaintance with OS concepts like processes & threads
2. Power user level of working with Windows
3. Acquaintance with WinDbg (recommended)
4. Reading ability of C Language code (recommended)

Study Plan

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Meet the instructor

Pavel Yosifovich

Pavel Yosifovich is a developer, trainer, author and speaker. He has authored multiple celebrated books including Windows Internals Part 1: 7th Edition, Windows Kernel Programming and Windows System Programming.
Pavel Yosifovich - Principal Instructor