WiFi Pentesting

Understand the basics of the WiFi protocol and the various security standards, including WiFi Protected Access 3 (WPA3). Learn the tools to use for recon and attack. Practice in emulated WiFi environments without any hardware requirements.
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Starts: 07 May 2021  Duration: 4 weeks
Recordings of live sessions included!

What's included?

  • Become a Pentester Academy WiFi Security Professional (PAWSP)

Learn how to pentest legacy and modern WiFi networks for the popular client and infrastructure side attacks.
  • Bootcamp Completion Certificate

Get a course completion certificate on attending all 4 live sessions.
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  • 4 Live Sessions

  • 2.5 hrs per session

  • Over 50 Lab Exercises

  • 1 PAWSP Attempt

  • Recordings of Live Sessions

What will you learn?

This 4-week bootcamp will teach you how to pentest personal and enterprise WiFi networks. You will learn the basics of the WiFi protocol, the different security standards, including WiFi Protected Access 3 (WPA3), and their limitations. You will also learn how to use the different recon and attack tools to audit WiFi networks. Along with the instructor sessions, the cloud-based labs will allow you to practice these techniques without the need for your own WiFi hardware.

On completion of the bootcamp, you will be prepared to pass the exam that will certify you as a WiFi network pentester.

PAWSP Certification

PAWSP (Pentester Academy WiFi Security Professional) certifies you as a WiFi network pentester – passing the exam is verification of your mastery of the basics of the WiFi protocol and security standards, including Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) and that you’re adept at the tools used by industry professionals for recon and attack.

Specifically, the certification affirms your ability to offer stakeholders a full-fledged WiFi network penetration test, using skills including but not limited to: WiFi recon, traffic sniffing/capture, WEP/WPA2-PSK cracking, honeypot attacks on Enterprise clients and WPA3-SAE attacks.

Live Session Schedule

Weekly 2 hr 30 min sessions start at 10:00am ET and end at 12:30pm ET.
07 May 2021
14 May 2021
21 May 2021

28 May 2021
Protocol Basics, Traffic Sniffing, and Recon
Security Standards for Personal Networks (WEP, WPA/WPA2-PSK)
Security Standards for Enterprise Networks (PEAP-GTC/MSCHAPv2, TTLS-PAP/MSCHAPv2)
Advanced Pivoting/Relay Attacks, Understanding WPA3

Who should join this bootcamp?

1. Anyone wanting to enter the industry as a network pentester
2. WiFi security enthusiasts and beginners
3. Suitable for beginners – all you need is a laptop and basic working knowledge of Linux.


1. A basic knowledge of computers and networking
2. Familiarity with the Linux operating system

Course reviews

Nishant starts from the basics. My skill level was 0 out of 10 at the beginning, but now I rate myself 9 out of 10… and I’m certified PAWSP! Another great thing about this bootcamp is that you need nothing on your own computer – you don't have to worry about your VM and which version of Kali you have, and you don’t have to invest time and money to build your own lab to test your WiFi skills.
Charles Faes
Network and Security Engineer, Belgium
WiFi Pentesting Batch 1

Study Plan

Meet the instructor

Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma leads R&D at Pentester Academy and Attack Defense. He has 8+ years of experience in the information security field including 6+ years in WiFi security research and development. He has presented research and conducted workshops at Blackhat USA/Asia, DEF CON China, HITB, RootCon, Packet Hacking Village, Wireless Village, IoT village and Demo labs (DEFCON USA).

Nishant’s Twitter handle is also @wifisecguy, which should tell you all you need to know about his research interests.
Nishant Sharma - Instructor

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